Due to the nature of handmade shoes, every so often there may be a slight variation or imperfection that does not meet our high quality standards. So we decided to create our ALMOST PERFECT program to allow our customers to purchase our lovely sandals at significantly reduced prices. These products have never been worn or were used only once for marketing campaigns and truly are “almost perfect.” We really hate waste and if you are reading about our sustainability program, well then maybe you do too. So don’t miss out on these incredible savings.

Our Packaging

We thought long and hard about our packaging. Wanting it to be both functional and fun we decided against the waste of a shoe box that most people discard. Instead we enclose and protect our shoes inside our reusable Kheloni bag. 

Our Bag

Inspired by several Greek designers, each bag is handmade with love just like our shoes. We use recyclable, eco-friendly materials.

Each time you purchase a pair of our sandals, we give you a little something to show our appreciation .