Our Brand

As far back as the 6th Century BC, Greek sandals were the most common type of footwear worn, largely for utilitarian purpose.  As versatile and stylish options began to appear, the sandal transcended its place as simple footwear and became an important symbol in myth and art. One could tell a lot about a person by the style of sandals they wore.

At Kheloni, we still believe that your shoes make the outfit and should never be worn as an afterthought. Who needs a closet full of clothes that hang there never worn when all you really need is a great pair of shoes. That is why we decided to design casual-lux shoes that are both comfortable and versatile, but that never compromise on style.

What makes Kheloni different is our product. We offer a modern take on ancient Greek sandals and in keeping with history our shoes are still made by hand. Our eye-catching designs are made by Greek artisans who make each pair with care and devotion. Our products are made in small batches so you can be assured you have something unique. Even our recyclable, reusable Kheloni shoe bags are hand sewn with a personal touch rarely found in the fast paced world we live in today. From fun animal prints to eye-catching metallic heels and luxurious linen, Kheloni makes chic look easy.

Our Name

The story behind the brand name is embodied in ancient Greek history and mythology. It is a tribute to Greece’s rich history and its historic commercial influence. Just like the sandal, Greek coins are among the oldest in the world. Each coin was artistically hand-crafted with its own unique symbol. The sea turtle called Khelone in Greek was depicted on one of the earliest coins found and resulted in Greece becoming the center for trade in the western world. It was this ancient coin that inspired not only our name but our own Kheloni coin found in some our designs.

Our name is also rooted in mythology. Kheloni was a divine spirit or “nymph” that was turned into a sea turtle because she preferred to stay home rather than attend Zeus’ wedding. Angered by this insult, the gods turned her into a sea turtle. She would forever have to carry her home on her back.