Our Story

Kheloni is more than just a boutique brand. We span several generations and continents, but despite vast time and distance, we share something priceless… our roots. We knew Greece offered more than gorgeous scenery, incredible history and amazing food. We knew that Greece is where fashionable footwear all began. In fact, there were many elaborate designs worn by the wealthy and the famous in Ancient Greek times. At Kheloni, we bring back this rich history by creating modern casual-luxury footwear with centuries old craftsmanship that still exists today.


I fell in love with both shoes and Greece at an early age. My father was born there and one of the few in his large family who emigrated. He took my sister and me back at every opportunity he had. As the  “American cousins”, we would receive the warmest welcome from the moment we landed. Greeted by fragrant gardenias and a family expectantly waiting for us, we would step off the plane and enter a whole new world of beauty, love and simple pleasures.

A ritual began where every visit included a day of shoe shopping. I was thrilled because I knew I would find amazing styles that no one else would have when I arrived back in America. I would bring back a little bit of Greece, but sadly I would leave a part of my heart behind. I knew one day I wanted to share the beautiful treasures Greece has to offer to the US and beyond. Shoes have always been my favorite thing in my closet. I decided to reignite that family tradition, but this time with my own creation that combined my Greek heritage with my love for the entrepreneurial spirit so embedded in America. The other part of the story is one I hold dear to my heart, and that is my Greek family. Kheloni embodies all those things I cherish most in life.

I live in Charleston, SC with my two daughters, my husband, our dog, three cats, and 11 chickens.


I am both a creative designer and professional photographer who loves fashion and producing visual beauty. My work can be seen not only in our sandals but in our imagery. My passion is to make all things beautiful through my lens and my love for design.

I decided to take this journey with my cousin after she called me in the fall of 2019 to tell me her plans. It was as if by fate this occurred as I happened to have just finished making a pair of shoes with Mr. Kostas, our shoemaker. I was born in Athens, Greece where I reside currently when I am not traveling for photo shoots.


I am a part of the production team and help with every aspect of the process of making our handmade shoes. I happened to have fallen in love with our shoemaker’s son and we are now happily married living in Athens, Greece.

I have worked with my father-in-law, Mr. Kostas, in his shop learning his craft of making footwear by hand. My favorite part of this process is getting to see an idea become reality. I also am improving my English skills while collaborating with Rebecca.

I love sports, my dog and two cats, and most of all, my husband.